Chords & Lyric Sheets

You can learn to play Trevor Tchir songs on the guitar, piano, or other instruments, with these free chords and lyric sheets. Songs will be added regularly over the next weeks.  Feel free to record a video of your versions and email them to  With your permission, we'll post them on the fan video section of the Trevor Tchir Music YouTube page (link below). Links in orange are suited for multiple instruments, and indicate the actual chords played on recordings, with notes on how they are shaped with guitar capo use.  Blue links are for easier guitar playing and use chord names that have been adjusted for capo use.  

Are We There Yet? (Sky Locked Land - 2009)

     Are We There Yet? (chords adjusted for capo)

Avalon (Sky Locked Land - 2009)

Batchawana Bay (Sun & Moon - 2021)

     Batchawana Bay (chords adjusted for capo)

Borrowed & Blue (Sky Locked Land - 2009)

     Borrowed & Blue (chords adjusted for capo)

Elevate Achilles (November - 2001)

     Elevate Achilles (chords adjusted for capo)

Georgie (Sky Locked Land - 2009)

     Georgie (chords adjusted for capo)

Girl of the Hour (Wooden Castles Fall - 2005)

     Girl of the Hour (chords adjusted for capo)

Gwendolyn (Sun & Moon - 2021)

Hélène (November - 2001) 

     Hélène (chords adjusted for capo)

In the Winter (Sky Locked Land - 2009)

     In the Winter (chords adjusted for capo)

Iron Mountain (Sun & Moon - 2021)

Ivan Wassam (The Way I Feel Today - 1999)

Lemon Dream (Sun & Moon - 2021) 

Mr. Speaker (Sun & Moon - 2021)

Poet and the Poor Boy (Sun & Moon - 2021)

Redwater Flow (Wooden Castles Fall - 2005)

Smoky Lake Moon (Wooden Castles Fall - 2005)

Starting Clean (Sun & Moon - 2021)

     Starting Clean (chords adjusted for capo)

The Sweeter Air (Sky Locked Land - 2009)

Wind At Water's Edge (November - 2001)