1. Iron Mountain

From the recording Sun & Moon

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After my father died and my first child was born, I tried to make some kind of spiritual connection between the two by bringing my son to my dad's favourite place.

Personnel: Trevor Tchir – lead vocals, acoustic guitar / Stephen Tchir – backup vocals, mandolin / Frank Deresti – upright bass / Sheldon Jaaskelainen - violin / Michael Kienhofer – dobro / Bramwell Park – banjo


2. Iron Mountain

Heading back to Iron Mountain
Where my father loved to go
Where his heart it felt no burden
Where he watched the poplars grow

Oh, little one, come with me now
You’ve seen the picture by the stairs
I see him in your gentle eyes
And in the curl of your hair

Oh, sunshine, I hope you find him
I can hear the valley call
I’d tell you how to listen, I’d show you where to look
But this is all, this is all, this is all

They say this too shall pass
I’m broken all the same
We were left with so much more to say
On the day the angels came

Dreams they fell with you
Dreams they rose with you