1. Batchawana Bay

From the recording Sun & Moon

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A song about raising kids and trying to make time stand still, set in beautiful Batchawana Bay, north of Sault Ste. Marie.

Personnel: Personnel: Trevor Tchir – lead vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica / Stephen Tchir – backup vocals, mandolin / Frank Deresti – upright bass / Mark Gough – drums, percussion / Michael Kienhofer – dobro


1. Batchawana Bay

Laughing shiver, splashing hands
Happy shadows on the rippling sand
They cross the world between you and I
Little lifeboat dips and rises on

Sweetwater waves
Swimming with our babes
I never want to leave Batchawana Bay

Heaven’s light on their smiles
Same one we wore back when we walked the aisle
Now we’re catchers in the bight, after all
They don’t know how soon the bottom falls

Smoke rising from the white pines
Day dripping down a golden sky
I close my eyes and try to hold on
Keep it for tomorrow cause it’s turn in time