1. Gwendolyn

From the recording Sun & Moon - WAV

Composed by Trevor Tchir (SOCAN/ASCAP). 200% Master and publisher Trevor Tchir, with CD Baby Publishing Administration.

[upbeat, up-tempo acoustic folk/pop/rock]. A song about my daughter, Gwendolyn, which means 'of the moon / white circle'.

Personnel: Trevor Tchir – lead vocals, acoustic guitar / Stephen Tchir – electric guitar, electric slide guitar / Keiko Larocque – backup vocals / Nancy Sylvestre – backup vocals / Michael John DiSanto – electric bass / Mark Gough – drums, percussion / Pierre Chrétien – organ


4. Gwendolyn

You’re the child of the summer
Born in the water
Under the sign of the lion
Horizon’s daughter

Oh, Gwendolyn
You shine on everything
Girl of the big white moon
You make my old soul sing

You want to be a rocker
Animal doctor
Lunar princess
Yeah, you want to be a success

Oh, Gwendolyn
Yeah, you tried on everything
Girl of the big white moon
You make my whole soul sing

You don’t have time for the suits and ties
With their walls and their malls
And their tall lies that would box you in
You think outside and you sing out loud
And you dance outdoors in the sun and his sister, Gwendolyn