From the recording Sun & Moon

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I wrote this song for my brother and sister-in-law's wedding. They fell in love in Montreal, but have made a home together in Edmonton.

Personnel: Trevor Tchir – lead vocals, piano / Stephen Tchir – electric guitar, electric slide guitar / Keiko Larocque – backup vocals / Nancy Sylvestre – backup vocals / Frank Deresti – upright bass / Mark Gough – drums, percussion / Sheldon Jaaskelainen - violin / Pierre Chrétien – organ


10. Prairie Home Valentine

Sultry summer, crimson fall
Fervid streets of Montreal
Step in step, we found our own new pace
Past the dep and up the spiral stairs

There’s more I’d like to show
In this room on the plateau
Muslin patterns on the table
String tones stir the air

Suddenly we’re close as two can be
If I could put a frame around this time
Could you be my very own companion?
My prairie home valentine

As wicked western winters go
Icy sheets of old Garneau
I’d sooner hunker in with you tonight
Just Maude and Oliver, we’d spin some r and r

There’s more I’ve got to do
Carving out my own dream here with you
Folded scrubs by the door
Tweed and Telecaster freezing in the car

Still, we’re close as two can be
If I could tie a knot around this time
You’re my very own companion
My prairie home valentine

It was business time that night at Rosie’s bar
We sang two minutes heaven then la petite mort

You’ve seen me play, you’ve seen me cry
Even when my eyes were dry
Babe, you made it easier
Oh, you held the load a while

You’re such a gentle soul
I’d like our little world to know
Just how much I love you
Though words and flowers could never say it all

They’ll see we’re close as two can be
Let’s put a ring around this time
Will you be my very own companion?
My prairie home valentine