From the recording Sun & Moon

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About meeting my wife, and our first 20 years together.

Personnel: Trevor Tchir – lead vocals, acoustic guitar / Stephen Tchir – electric guitar / Lindsay Ferguson – vocals / Frank Deresti – upright bass / Mark Gough – drums, percussion / Sheldon Jaaskelainen - violin / Al Bragg – pedal steel guitar


9. Poet and the Poor Boy

It was down at Marcia’s bar
I never dreamed I’d get that far
When she walked in through the door looking that way
Two tequila and a chaser
Then I knew I’d better pace her
I slid on in – what’s the occasion, if I may?

Well, my last boy was a player
And this city’s full of strangers
I’ll be all right, I fly home in the morning
Well, she never made that plane
We lost the hours in the show me game
Well, we’d come to meet a love and kiss off the warnings

We were thirsty, we were young
Weren’t afraid of what would come
The poet and the poor boy, bad or good
Lost some fire, lost some blood
Still got a big old love
I wouldn’t do it any different if I could

Dreams come true, kid, so they tell you
So all the surf songs sell you
But we pulled the plug on more than a few of them
Had a baby, then another
Spitting image of their mother
So I traded in my six string for six a.m.

Building higher every day
No knowing when what you need’ll slip away
It’s a cold time, why live it on your own?
So come on honey, let’s take our chances
Put on your rose-coloured glasses
And we’ll keep on dancing ‘til the band goes home