1. Patch of Green

From the recording Sun & Moon

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A song about baseball.

Personnel: Trevor Tchir – lead vocals, acoustic guitar / Frank Deresti – upright bass / Michael Kienhofer – dobro


8. Patch of Green

When the colder season’s rains relent
If your working bones are feeling spent
Come meet me at the ball yard
I’ve got a ticket to a little patch of green

For the smell of grass and the wage of wonder
For the crack of ash and the bleacher thunder
To leap and spin and throw like Robbie would
We like to think maybe once we could
On a patch of green

When their name is called, if time is theirs
If they can solve the orbit riddle square
And send it fair and well past the ivy wall
Oh, touch ‘em all
You’ll never reach for thinner air

We can see it all from a grandstand seat
Where Elysian Fields and the broomstick alley meet
Where the white lines stretch to heaven
Where the clocks are broken
At the patch of green

Where anything can happen
A little patch of green