1. Jasper Stone

From the recording Sun & Moon

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A song for my son, Jasper. It's about parenting, trying to equip our children for a tough world.

Personnel: Trevor Tchir – lead vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica / Stephen Tchir – backup vocals, mandolin / Frank Deresti – upright bass / Mark Gough – drums, percussion / Al Bragg – pedal steel guitar


7. Jasper Stone

There came a young boy in the chill of winter
To a darkening world with shifting winds
The sun woke hopeful in the morning sky
We’re born not to die, but to begin

We left him in the frenzy and the flood
To find a road on his own
He cut a trail through the crooked timber
His heart bled red like jasper stone

The shadow trickster wove a bitter web
Siren calling from a dreamy meadow bed
A flurry falling and it chased the light
But he set his sight on the step ahead

He stood strong like jasper stone

What could we offer? What could we say?
Did our labour come late to the dying day?
I wrapped a bundle in the cloth you stitched him
He carried it with him on the heavy way

He kept the treasure close like jasper stone