1. Starting Clean

From the recording Sun & Moon

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About trying, again, to get over bad habits.

Personnel: Trevor Tchir – lead vocals, acoustic guitar / Frank Deresti – upright bass / Mark Gough – drums, percussion / Michael Kienhofer – dobro


5. Starting Clean

I get the taste for a few
Wetting my spirit loose
Oh, the next thing you know
I’m the last soldier out the door
Wake up and I hurt the same
Got nobody else to blame
I’m thinking ‘bout starting clean

Back on the side of the mountain
Pushing up that old stone again
Oh, when my words they fall
Crash down like an avalanche
I can’t put them back in place
I’ve come to lean on your grace
I’m thinking ‘bout starting clean

All the people in this life that I love
I let them down, I let them down
This thing I got a handle on got a handle on me
Oh, and it’s pulling strong, so hard it can’t be wrong

And I’ve sung this song before
I know how the story goes
I get my arrow straight
I just can’t pull the bow
And then when that courage comes
Drift back where I started from
Thinking ‘bout starting clean